Engineer Sabah at the 17th International Exhibition of Industry in an interview with Setsa

Engineer Sabah at the 17th International Industrial Fair in a talk with the publication of Setsa in connection with this year’s exhibition said: “This year’s exhibition is weaker than last year and despite our goals, we were not welcome. The purpose and planning of the exhibition was to set up Pars Compressor Company as the first privately owned private sales organization to sell four compressor brands to the company. This has just happened in Iranian companies, but there are plans in Japan and other countries. We talked about our sales organization for our customers. From now on, Pars Compressor Co., Tabriz Compressor Company, Tehran Compressor Company and Millet Air Company are selling all their sales units to the sales organization. It is a sales representative of foreign and foreign companies and four companies. Which is mentioned. The advantage of this sales organization is the sale of leasing, which many of our customers are interested in long-term purchases. In this organization, we can lease compressors that we have purchased, including air compressors and CNG compressors and portable compressors that can be disassociated in installments. And it’s also the maximum attraction of the market share and the implementation of that other plan that we will achieve in this sales organization, but unfortunately, this year’s visits were not highlighted, but we will continue to be strong. ”

“As I said, it’s a sales plan,” he said in connection with the new achievements of the Pars-Compressor Company. In addition, the launch of the CNG gas transfer project from Iranshahr to Chabahar was continuously and daily at 2 million cubic meters, the largest CNG project The world is As Pars Compressor cooperates with a foreign investor of a $ 90 million private Chinese company in this project, Iranshahr receives gas from Iran and supplies it to Chabahar Power Plant, which is currently active in diesel and gasoline fuels. Will benefit from CNG. ”

At the end of the day, he expressed his hope that the development of these projects would be a step in the development of the country and the domestic industries.